The real measure of sustainability

Simple yet powerful sustainability screening built for one-touch ESG reporting


A simple sustainability reporting tool for an evolving eco regulatory space


Screens and surfaces raw impact data delivering comprehensive 360° view


Automated and matched with specialist-certified data


About us

Vasanda aims to set the standard in sustainability screening. Our EcoSphere MRV tool measures, reports and verifies trade data through intelligent trade screening.

Transactions are matched by their product taxonomy against certifiers & specialist sources providing instant impact data for one touch ESG* reporting.

*Environmental, Social and Governance



As per the Paris COP 21 agreement, Vasanda puts emphasis on collating & matching only key empirical and scientifically verifiable data. We do this by combining production risks such as social ethical practices and land management, as well as certifier status with full analysis of the carbon output from provenance to market.  


Powerful insights for constant monitoring in realtime that delivers succinct compliance metrics across the breadth of your supply chain. Vasanda EcoSphere measures your trade impact and sustainability efforts by exposing multi-counterpart risk.

EcoSphere is the only MRV one touch ESG report that aligns with BEI, UN SDGs and is ready for the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance.



Provides detailed actionable data aggregated from specialist sources to ensure validity. Our MRV vault is a dynamic assessment tool validated by blockchain to ensure traceability and reliability of the information, enforcing higher reporting standards and accuracy.  

By simplifying ESG reporting we are encouraging a wider adoption across the trade finance and commodity trading space for sustainable finance.

Core Features

Aggregates data from specialist sources in the soft commodities supply chain and matches sustainability information on a ‘trade-by-trade’ basis.  

Vasanda achieves succinct empirical, scientifically verifiable sustainable data for more comprehensive ESG reporting:

  • One touch ESG reports
  • Detailed product traceability
  • Comprehensive and scientifically driven
  • Powered by blockchain 



Automate trade screening
frictionless one touch


Encrypted API base
highly integrateable


Configurable and interoperable
ESG compliance


Immutable, auditable data pool
blockchain ready


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Sustainable Finance

Aggregated and actionable ESG compliance at your fingertips 

Commodity trading

Automated trade screening and sustainability reporting


Sanctions screening & compliance, now with powerful vessel carbon rating

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