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As conversations around sustainability continue to pick up pace year after year the sense of urgency around these conversations increases as well. Along with the urgency comes the inevitable feelings of frustration surrounding a topic very often clouded with a myriad of definitions, opinions and misinformation. As a company with a desire to empower a more sustainable future for the global soft commodity supply chain, we keep coming back to one simple approach: data.

Empirical, scientific data.

The conversations being had right now are important and necessary. But taking immediate action is important and necessary as well. While regulations are being drafted, priorities are being made and re-made and shifted, and goals are being set, we want to start making a difference with the data that our Vasanda EcoSphere tool can provide. There is growing demand for reliable, accountable data that doesn’t depend on an arbitrary rating for proof of sustainability. What we can offer is a scientific look at levels of carbon emission and deforestation (or lack thereof) that takes place at any point in the entirety of the lifecycle of a product, from provenance to market. From analysis of the soil, to the emissions of the various modes of transportation, we can give quantitative data that helps not only to inform the businesses who support and finance these products but helps to inform the actual farmers and producers growing these commodities, thus empowering them to reach their own sustainability goals and have access to more competitive financing options.

As climate change continues to create significant stress worldwide, despite efforts to curb it, the European Green Deal has noted that public and private investments should continue to be influenced by the work being done on climate adaptation. Everyone from investors and business to cities and their citizens should have access to the kind of data that can help combat climate change, a challenge which requires an effort on all fronts.

Empirical data is a critical tool in this fight, as it presents clear facts when measuring sustainability efforts. The best way to ensure access to reliable data is by pushing for and expecting full data transparency of products from source through to market. By financial institutions making it a prerequisite to disclose the source, the supply chain details, and the delivery details, the view around each trade will offer deeper insight and allow for continued efforts to make improvements where necessary as well as celebrate and share successes.

Policy changes will begin to demand this data as a critical part of pushing environmental initiatives forward. Our goal at Vasanda is to work with you to get ahead of any mandates by compiling scientific data on the full life cycle of each soft commodity trade, allowing for full transparency and accountability.



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