Fulfillment Challenges During a Pandemic and Helpful Tips for the E-Commerce Industry

Fulfillment Challenges During a Pandemic and Helpful Tips for the E-Commerce Industry

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Fulfillment Challenges During a Pandemic

A pandemic can create many unfamiliar fulfillment challenges, making it difficult to go on with “business as usual”. Click here for helpful tips and advice!

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We are living in uncertain times. The current coronavirus pandemic has turned the entire world on its head. 

With many countries on lockdown and strict limits in place on movement and the types of businesses that can operate, there are many fulfillment hurdles that e-commerce businesses will face. 

With flexibility, planning, and the right measures in place, your e-commerce business will be able to weather this pandemic and survive in good health. 

Here are some helpful tips for meeting the COVID-19 related fulfillment challenges to your e-commerce business. 

What Fulfillment Challenges Do E-Commerce Businesses Face in the Current Pandemic?

The uncertain and evolving situation with COVID-19 may bring up the following challenges with fulfillment to e-commerce businesses: 

  • A breakdown in your business’s supply chain
  • A lack of inventory due to supplier shortages and reduced production
  • An inability to ship in supplies from countries with closed borders
  • A reduction in your workforce due to sickness or self-isolation
  • Increased demand in certain products such as toilet paper or specific food produce

Understanding the specific challenges that you will face will help you to find solutions proactively. 

Keeping Your Employees Working While Minimizing Infection Risks

Many countries have put social distancing measures in place. These state that people need to keep their distance from each other to avoid the spread of COVID-19. This makes it harder for large teams to work in close quarters. 

The use of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, is essential. Having enough to not only go around your workforce but to last through the crisis will be vital.

You will need to invest time in retraining your staff on working through social distancing measures. 

Use Technology to Improve Efficiency

During the pandemic, you may experience pressures on your resources. Improve your supply chain fulfillment and warehouse organization efficiency by utilizing new software solutions. 

If you have automated order fulfillment systems within your workplace, you may need to expand the use of this technology to speed up the process. 

Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving 

During the pandemic, fulfillment obstacles may put undue pressure on your current infrastructure. As there is no end in sight to the crisis, it may be wise to consider ways to strengthen your supply chain. 

One way that you can do this is by partnering with third-party logistics (3PL) providers that have the existing infrastructure to handle your supply chain needs.  

3PL providers will be able to receive your goods into their warehouses, house your products, and ship them to your customers as the orders come in. 

Adapting to Change

Government health advisors will continue to make projections of the growth and spread of coronavirus. However, it will remain to be seen how long we will need to live under these restrictions. What is certain is that the way that we used to work may no longer be relevant.

Adapting to change is vital, and preparing for all scenarios is essential if you are to meet your fulfillment needs. 

For assistance with your supply chain needs during the global pandemic, get in touch today. 



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