IPCC report reinforces need for urgent action on climate change

IPCC report reinforces need for urgent action on climate change

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In the first major review of the science of climate change since 2013, the IPCC report has “unequivocally” determined human influence has led to the warming of our planet. It states that, in order to “avert a climate catastrophe,” we must act quickly. The gravity of the situation cannot be overstated, with scientists noting that climate change is affecting every region of the world. These episodes have consistently gotten worse over the past decade and will only continue to worsen at an accelerated pace unless serious measures are put in place immediately to keep the world from passing the 1.5C mark.

Climate change has been at the forefront of recent policies and regulations, and with the serious findings of this report it can only be expected that new sustainability measures will be required to be implemented with even more urgency. At Vasanda, we have been both aware and weary of the current climate crisis and what kind of new regulatory environment we’ll soon be in, and we applaud each new step in the right direction. With strong global sustainability standards and clear expectations, change can be made.

We have created the Vasanda EcoSphere in the hopes of making sustainability screening an easy and accessible process. Using our proprietary methodology, we analyse, aggregate, and filter raw environmental impact data for financial institutions, traders, and corporates, distilling the key risk parameters associated with a given commodity or supplier to allow businesses to make real-time decisions. The possibility to easily screen each trade for environmental, social, and governance risks puts the power in the hands of our clients to make the important and necessary choice of supporting those who support our planet. As the world begins to shift towards a zero-tolerance policy for things like deforestation, rising carbon emissions and social injustice, we can feel hopeful that our actions and where we choose to invest will have a direct impact on the path towards a truly sustainable future.



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