Ajda to simplify e-commerce, logistics and FinTech for a better future

Ajda to simplify e-commerce, logistics and FinTech for a better future

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Dubai: The e-commerce industry in The Kingdom during the Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed a major transformation in consumer behaviour, particularly with technologies and online platforms gaining prominence in the country. In response, logistics companies, fast-tracked their growth and development strategies, while making significant investments in e-commerce, people and assets to cope with demand. Therefore, the e-commerce supply chain, logistics and online payments or Financial Technologies (FinTech) landscape in Saudi Arabia is changing, and e-commerce is shifting in significant ways that are important to learn the rapidly changing industry as well as the dynamic demands of customers and the expansion of trade.

Saudi Arabia’s FinTech market that is expected to reach more than $33 billion by 2023

Read more from the source: Gulf News, Published by: Gulf News Report


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